Why Should You Practice Niksen: The Concept That Will Make You Super Productive

Niksen means ‘doing nothing’ or being ‘idleness’ in Dutch concept. Recently it has been very popular. People use to counteract the stress and the busyness in today’s lifestyle. In this article, I am going to explain the term Niksen, which is being in discussion in the recent news, and explore how one can practice it and its benefits in our life.

What is niksen?

The word Niksen means, taking time to disconnect from all of the activities, work, technology, and social media, and simply letting your mind and body shift in relaxation state.

Niksen is not something like laziness or procrastination. One can choose if it is purposefully to take a break from the work, and all types of activities of the daily routine and allow the mind and body to get into a resting state. It can have many styles, like sitting in total silence, walking in a peaceful park, etc. Its key purpose is to be present at the moment and not set to any activity or task.

How  We Should  Practice Niksen

Below are the some of the ways we can practice Niksen:

  1. Make a schedule time for Niksen: The way you make schedule time table for other work, exercise, lunch, etc, you should have schedule for Niksen for daily routine. There is no specific time limit but it can be as little as 5 minutes, but make sure once you make it , then stick to it and be consistent to it.
  2. Try to practice it at the quiet place: The ideal place for practicing Niksen is free from distractions, and where you can be alone. It can be your room , a garden, or a coffee shop’s corner.
  3. Keep technology away: Put your smart phone, laptop, or any gadgets. Niksen is about disconnecting totally from the communication media. In this you have to give break from all these stuff.
  4. Try practicing mindfulness: To practice Niksen , you have to focus on your breadth. Just keep focus on its inhaling and exhaling, in this way your thoughts will go out. Don’t make any effort to control your thoughts, just keep observing them.
  5. Try to engage your senses: To engage your senses , you can notice the sounds, smells and aroma around you. Feel the beauty of surrounding and just let it relax you.
  6. Embrace the boredom: Since Niksen is simply doing nothing, so don’t try anything to fill the time with any kind of activities or distractions. Let yourself be bored for some time and see where your mind is taking you.
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The Benefits of  Practicing Niksen

It can bring many benefits to our  life, following are some of them:

  1. It reduces stress: Niksen allows our mind and body to observe rest and recharge. It also reduces stress and promote relaxation.
  2. Increases Creativity : When we allow our mind to wander randomly, we observe that we are full of new ideas, and solutions to problems.
  3. Improved Focus: By practicing Nikesn, we learn to disconnect from all the When we come back to our work, we feel that our ability to focus on our work and other activities has been drastically improved.
  4. Sound Sleep: Niksen can help us in relaxing and unwinding everything before going to bed. It leads to quality sound sleep.
  5. Enhanced well-being: We can improve our over all sense of well being by prioritizing time for ourselves and practicing self care.


So overall it is a very simple yet very powerful practice that can bring many benefits to our life. We can reduce stress, boost creativity, and improve our overall well-being by disconnecting ourselves from the constant stimulation of today’s life style. So, take a break schedule some time for awesome Niksen. Your mind and body will certainly thankful to you!

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