What is the Career Path for a SOC Analyst in 2023


What is the career path for a SOC Analyst? Well, we often read or watch news about cyber fraud, and bank account hacking. Have you given thought,  to these types of crimes or activities increasing day by day? Every business operation, banking, or any communication, is at risk of being breached and misused by an unauthorized person. So, who will take care of this and have control over it? Certainly, there are human resources along with machines, and tools required to meet the increasing demand for SOC analysts. In this post, I am going to discuss the opportunity to opt for SOC Analyst as a better career path and live a dreamful life.

Education and Training

For any type of IT career, one have to have at least graduation and exposure about the related field. For SOC analyst any gradate with adequate knowledge of computers and computer networking, along with special training in Cyber Security is required. Cyber security training can be taken online, offline as per the convenience and cost of the course. However, after the bachelor’s degree, it is advise to go through Internship or during the degree course one can do internship in Cyber Security to increase the chances of being placed as trainee SOC Analyst in any organization.

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For Sr. SOC Analyst, there are some certifications recommended such as Information System Security Professional ( CISSP) or the Certified Ethical Hacker ( CEH). Certainly these certifications help a lot in getting good career opportunity. It adds the values in our basic education to stay on the top of others who don’t have such certification.

Those who are reading my this post, are highly advised to go through the internship in Cyber Security just after or during the final year of the degree courses. It will save the time after your graduation. You can directly approach to companies, or company will hire you through campus recruitment drive. SOC Analyst position is entry level position and it opens the door for many opportunity in Cyber security field.

Mid-Level Roles

Beauty of any career is getting the opportunity of being promoted and hence stay motivated enough to deliver as per the position expectation. So, as SOC analyst, there is level of roles, such as L1, L2, L3, Security Operation Manager, or Security Operations Lead. In these roles one has to be responsible for taking care of daily operations of the Security Operation Center, managing the team and making sure the security of the organization data.

Senior Roles of SOC Analyst

In Cyber Security domain another level of senior role is Chief Information Security Officer ( CISO), Director of  Security Operations. In these roles person is responsible for developing and implementing the overall security strategy for the various organization, working with top level of executive and looking after entire security operation centers of the organization. It is very responsible position and always rewarded by heavy package.

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Skills Required for Success

Apart from the technical skills one has to grow in terms of soft skills. As it said that  “  You will be hired for technical skills, but fired due to lack of soft skills.” So as you grow in terms of positions, and experience, you must keep growing in terms of having soft skills, because it helps in managing team and conflict. Being as a senior level person you have to communicate with clients, and prospects. So it is good to keep gaining soft skills day by day, and stay ahead.

Future of SOC Analysts

As I mentioned in the start of my discussion , that cyber threats are going to increase day by day as  technology is being used in almost every field. So cyber frauds, threats are never going to stop. To overcome on the situation human resources along with technological development are going to be always in demand. Stay upgraded and skilled to get going in your Cyber security career path.


Hence I would like to conclude with this: My answer to the “What is the Career Path for a SOC Analyst?” SOC Analyst position is a rewarding and challenging career path for those who are ready to accept some strict challenges and of course genuine interest in Cyber security. You will be successful in SOC Analyst career path with right education and training to keep the pace of the position demands.

  1. What is a SOC analyst?

SOC Analyst is a professional person who performs security alerts analysis, security incidents response and prepare elementary reports for further investigation.

  1. What education and training do I need to become a SOC analyst?

Ans: To become a SOC Analyst you must to complete your bachelor’s degree first, then go through cyber security training from authorized center or through an experienced person who is already serving as a SOC Analyst. In addition to this, you can also do certification in Cyber security field.

  1. What skills do I need to become a successful SOC analyst?

Ans: To become a successful SOC Analyst professional, you have to have combination of technical and soft skills. Technical expertise such as operating systems, Cyber security tools like SIEM, EDR. Also, strong analytical skill and critical situation handling temperament , attention to detail are good to have for a successful SOC Analyst.

  1. What is the career path for a SOC analyst?

Ans:  Career path for a SOC analyst includes starts with entry –level role and get promoted to mid-level roles like SOC Manager , and then senior roles like Chief Information Security Officer, or Security Operations Director.

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